Katha Wood Photographic Artist Fine Art Photographer with Camera & Jack Russell Dogs on the beach


1st February 2024

🌟 Exciting News Unveiled: Introducing Our Artful Gift Cards! 

We're delighted to announce a new chapter in our artistic journey— the launch of our exclusive gift cards! Now, you have the power to gift creativity and inspiration to your loved ones in values of £10, £25, £50, and £100.

Our gift cards are more than just tokens; they are gateways to a world of captivating art, where your friends and family can curate their personal art collection. From breathtaking landscapes to intricate portraiture, each card holds the promise of a unique experience.

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a spontaneous act of kindness, these gift cards are the perfect canvas for sparking inspiration and sharing the joy of art. Why settle for ordinary gifts when you can offer the extraordinary?

Embark on this artful journey with us! Visit our shop now to explore the endless possibilities and make every occasion a celebration of creativity. 🎨✨




30th January 2024


Parallax is coming again!  Special invitation below.  News to follow on new releases on their way!

I am delighted to extend my special invitation to you to the Private View of the latest and upcoming:
Parallax Art Fair at Kensington Town Hall, Kensington Town Hall, London W8
As a token of my appreciation for your much valued support and interest in my work, I would like to invite you to the
Private View Evening
on Friday, February 16th, 2024, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
To attend, please RSVP to this email, specifying if you will be bring a guest.
* * *
I am excited to be participating in this exciting event for the third time, this time with a bigger space again, showcasing both beloved classics and new releases.
I would love to see you on the Friday evening, but if it doesn't suit your schedule, you can still join me during the public opening hours on the Saturday or Sunday. I will be there all weekend.
* * *
Public Opening Hours:
Saturday 17th February 2024: 12.30pm to 7pm
Sunday 18th February 2024: 11am to 5pm
Please book your free tickets for Saturday and Sunday here:
* * *

I hope very much to see you. I am looking forward to this exhibition being as enjoyable as ever.
Your support means the world to me, and I look forward to sharing this new artistic experience with you.

My very best wishes,


10th December 2023

**Latest News: CONTEMPLATION Chosen for INFINITY Exhibition at The Holy Art Gallery, London**


I am delighted to share the thrilling news that my art piece, CONTEMPLATION, has been selected to be showcased at the esteemed INFINITY exhibition hosted at The Holy Art Gallery in London E8 2DA.

The exhibition commences on Friday evening, December 15, 2023, with an exclusive Private View from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm, featuring a complimentary open bar throughout the evening. I extend a warm invitation to you and your guests. Despite the short notice, I wanted to ensure you had the opportunity to join us if your schedule permits.

If you wish to attend the Private View, kindly let me know, and I will ensure your entry is registered.

For those unable to make the Private View, the exhibition welcomes visitors daily from Saturday, December 16th, to Friday, December 22nd, between 11 am and 5 pm. If you happen to find yourself in London during this period, I encourage you to drop by and immerse yourself in the unique experience of CONTEMPLATION.

CONTEMPLATION is a captivating photograph printed directly on brushed metal.  It is presented in a sleek, modern black aluminium box frame. This exclusive piece is numbered 2 in a Limited Edition run of 100, measuring 100 x 133 cm. Explore it on my website here.

Looking forward to hearing from you and, hopefully to having the pleasure of seeing you at this special event if you are in the area and available.  

Warmest regards,


CONTEMPLATION in situ at Collector's home





11th November 2023

Latest News: Triumphant Showcase at Parallax Art Fair, London

Katha Wood Parallax October 2023

Katha at Parallax

During the last weekend of October 2023, the bustling heart of London's art scene welcomed an array of talent and enthusiasm at the Parallax Art Fair – a testament to creativity and connection. It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that we recount the resounding success of our exhibition, where our display became a vibrant hub for art lovers and collectors alike.

From the first morning, the atmosphere buzzed with the excitement of discovery. Visitors poured in, each bringing their unique perspective and appreciation for art. It was invigorating to see the diverse crowd that gathered, their eyes lighting up as they engaged with each piece. Our booth became a melting pot of stories, feedback, and spirited conversations, providing invaluable insights and fostering new relationships.

The response was phenomenal. Our patrons not only admired the artwork but also chose to become an integral part of its journey. Many have now joined the family of collectors, selecting pieces for their homes and offices – a true honour for any artist. Their support has been overwhelming, with numerous pieces finding new homes and several bespoke orders placed, ensuring the art will resonate in personal spaces for years to come.

A highlight of the fair was the interactive element brought in by you, the visitors. In a delightful exchange of roles, I learned about my own work through your eyes. Your stories about what moved you in each piece, which ones captured your heart, were illuminating. This direct feedback is a cherished part of the creative process.

The fair also marked the launch of a new addition to our collection – the 'Miniature'.

This novel product, measuring 15cm by 15cm and encased in a thick, elegant wooden frame, became an instant favourite. Its compact size holds vast charm, making it a perfect piece of art to display on a wall, or to stand proudly on a desk or shelf. This charming creation is more than just an object of beauty; it is a token of thoughtfulness, a novel gifting idea that transcends the conventional, appreciated by all who seek to give a gift that lasts and inspires.


In a playful twist, we presented a couple of 'bogie pics'⬇️, a whimsical nod to the lighter side of art. These pieces were a hit, eliciting smiles and emotion and proving that art does not always have to conform to traditional paradigms to be embraced.

Angel Inner Child

As we continue to bask in the afterglow of a memorable weekend, we extend a heartfelt thank you to all who visited, connected with, and supported the art. Your enthusiasm has made this event a cherished milestone.

Stay tuned for more updates, and may the dialogue between art and its admirers continue to flourish!

My very best wishes to you.

Until next time!



Exhibited at Parallax London, October 2023


* * * * *


11th October 2023

Oh goodness me, I can't believe I haven't updated my news page since 1st August!  It has been a busy time.  We have been moving house from Spain to the UK with 4 dogs and 4 horses, settling in and getting sorted, trying to find our feet and work out which way is up, let alone carry on working in a consistent and productive way!  We have moved to a little village on the North Coast of the county of Norfolk and it is truly heavenly!  Our village is predominantly occupied by pigeons and I feel we are honoured to have been allowed to come and join them in their community!  I can feel a pigeon project coming on!

I can't take credit for the picture below, it was actually taken by my husband, Ed, (but I edited it!).

norfolk home pigeons katha wood photographic art news

So now it is October and it is definitely Autumn, but it has been a nice gentle start to the turning of the leaves and the change of season.  We have been blessed by the most beautiful weather up until now and we have even managed to swim in the North Sea most mornings, which has been a real joy and definitely wakes you up in the morning and gets you off to a good start.

Norfolk is truly beautiful county.  It is both wild and manicured.  It has everything, the sea, the sand, the pebbles, the sand dunes, wild bird habitats, wild geese migrating through, rolling hills, ancient forests, miles of hedgerows stuffed with blackberries, sloes, rose hips, hedgerows.  I think it is going to be a hard winter this winter, there are so many berries everywhere.  The holly is so rich with berries already!  Wonderful weather for the moment, by UK standards.  So we are pleased with our choice!  Not an easy decision to return to the UK and leave all that beautiful vast landscape, blue sky and sunshine behind, but we are not looking back!


And now it is show time again.  At the end of this month I am delighted to announce that I will be exhibiting again at Parallax in London.  It will be open to the public on Saturday 28th October and Sunday 29th.  Doors are open both days, for free, Saturday: 12.30pm to 7pm and Sunday: 11am to 5pm .  If you are in London and you are intrigued to see some of my pieces for real, come along and introduce yourself to me.  I would be delighted to meet you.  I will be there all day, both days.  

You can book your tickets here or just turn up!

I really hope to see you there, if you want to let me know in advance that you are coming, please drop me a message, but no need to.

More news soon - I promise!

Very best wishes, Katha


In situ with new collector

Will be on show again at Parallax October 2023

1st August 2023

Dearest Collector,

I have lots of exciting developments this week to celebrate the beginning of August and another Super Moon!  This time the moon is called Sturgeon Moon, I haven't been able to capture it this time as the weather around these parts has been a little cloudy, but hopefully I can capture Sturgeon next summer!


In the meantime, I have launched not one, but two new pieces this week!  Another Moon! 

STRAWBERRY MOON, which I captured in June during the launch of my Bigger Picture Collection in Sotogrande in Southern Spain!  Wow!  That was a spectacular sight!  Take a look at the new release and order it here: STRAWBERRY MOON - She is very unusual, on black, she looks like a gold coin and the overall effect is more of a painting than a photograph (in line with what I am always trying to achieve with my photography!). As usual, printed on brushed aluminium and framed in a black metal Artbox frame.

The other piece that I have launched is the polar opposite: 

COOL POOL, also captured in Southern Spain, this photographic art piece is a delicious cocktail of cool contemplation, water, reflections, light and reflection.  Here, the joys of working with silver coloured brushed aluminium have really shone through - literally.  There is so much dreamy light in this piece.   Take a look and order here: COOL POOL 


Welcome to my Summer Sale!  I have put special summer prices on all of my pieces for the summer!  Enjoy the summer price reductions that I have applied across my whole collection (not including samples, although I can offer you bulk discounts on samples, please contact me for further information on this).

As usual, if you have any special requirements, size or budget, please talk to me - I can make things happen!


I am also delighted to be able to be currently offering free shipping to the US, UK and EU.

Looking forward very much to hearing from you.

Thank you for your kind interest in my work,

Very best wishes,

Katha xx





London Show - Parallax - Kensington Town Hall, 8th & 9th July 2023


Last weekend (8th & 9th July), I took part, in a very small way, in a big public art show at Kensington Town Hall in London!   Parallax Art Fair was held at Kensington Town Hall, London, last weekend 8th and 9th July.  I only displayed two of my pieces but it was a huge success.  I displayed CONTEMPLATION and ON THE WING.  I met a fabulous number of people from all over the world, all looking for different art solutions.  I am celebrating the success of this show with my special offer code LONDON20 providing a 20% discount on orders over £100 until midnight this Sunday 16th July 2023

I will keep you posted with plans for the next outing.  There is new work in the pipeline too.  Please remember to sign-up to my mailing list if you would like to hear about it first!




MY INAUGURAL SHOW - *SOLO* - 1st to 7th June 2023, Sotogrande, Spain.

I have been meaning to write an update for a couple of weeks but we have been particularly busy moving back to the UK, which has involved the normal moving shenanigans but also a 7 day drive back through Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland!  A lot of fun and hopefully some decent photographic material to come out of it too!  Watch this space!

Inaugural Show - Sotogrande, Spain

I had my inaugural exhibition in Sotogrande in June, a couple of weeks before we packed up and it was a rip roaring success.  It was incredibly nerve wracking and exciting to get 10 of my pictures up on display to the world and I was absolutely delighted with how well they went down.  Phew!

Very best wishes, Katha