Katha Wood’s initial inspiration came when riding on horseback, around the country lanes near her former home in rural Gloucestershire, England. From the back of a horse, with an elevated view over the hedges, the stunning views, day in, day out, changing all the time, with the weather, the seasons and the light. She felt inspired and compelled to capture and share these natural delights surrounding her, so that people everywhere, could enjoy the very same delights in their homes, on a daily basis. Since then, she has been taking photographs in stunning and inspirational settings and creating fine photographic art to inspire and delight.



In photographic art, the artist uses the camera as the tool to create the work of art. The camera is used to make an art piece that reveals the vision of the artist and makes a statement of that vision, rather than documenting the subject before the lens.

Katha is a creative photographic artist, a dedicated horsewoman, lover of nature, the countryside, natural water and animals.  She is also a Personal Success Coach, helping many people around the world to improves their lives and achieve their potential. 

Her mission with her photography is to capture what catches her eye with her camera and digitally enhance it to create stunning photographic art to share with her customers and collectors so they can enjoy these gems within their own homes to bring light and enlightenment.  Katha currently enjoys printing her work on brushed aluminium which is an extraordinary medium bringing added texture, depth and light to these beautiful pieces.