Life Performance Coaching

Katherine (Katha) Wood DSFH

Certified in Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) with Relaxation Therapy

Welcome to my page, where my passion for photographic art intersects with my dedication to helping individuals achieve positive change in their lives. My name is Katherine (Katha) Wood, and I am a trained Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, offering Solution Focused Personal Success Coaching.

What I Offer

I specialise in Solution Focused Personal Success Coaching, guiding clients through transformative processes that unlock their potential and help them achieve their goals. By leveraging the latest findings in neuroscience, I employ structured protocols proven to facilitate significant, positive changes.

How I Can Help You

No matter what challenges you are facing or the change you wish to create in your life—whether it’s finding and achieving your potential, recovering from setbacks, making better decisions, increasing your productivity, improving sleep, or representing your team, family, school, university, or country—I am here to support you. I can help you to feel calmer and more in control, increase your confidence, your motivation, enhance your focus and performance, and gain the clarity needed to set and achieve your objectives.

A Little About Me

For the past 30 years, I have pursued personal growth and improvement myself, overcoming negative influences, building confidence, and directing my life towards achieving my chosen goals. My background includes small business, family life, and performance horse training, providing me with a wealth of experience in navigating life's ups and downs. Through my journey, I have found strength, independence, and a focused peace of mind.  I continue on that journey.  

In recent years, I have dedicated myself to helping others achieve positive changes in their lives. I am committed to continuous professional development, ensuring I stay at the forefront of my field to offer the best possible support to my clients.

Professional Credentials

- Qualified at CPHT (Bristol)
- Enhanced DBS certificate holder

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is by email at:

What is Solution Focused Personal Success Coaching?

Solution Focused Personal Success Coaching (SFPSC) is based on Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). This structured, logical and enjoyable talking therapy focuses on tapping into your resources, facilitating releasing the solutions. SFPSC emphasises utilising your resources and clarifying your future hopes to help you to move forward and achieve your goals and objectives.

This approach integrates modern neuroscience, applying practical strategies proven to facilitate significant and positive changes in a relatively short period. Unlike traditional therapies, SFPSC focuses on the future and what you want in your life, rather than the past.

Benefits of SFPSC can be:

- Enjoyable process
- Improved brain functionality
- Better sleep
- Positive changes beyond initial issues
- Lifelong skills and knowledge for personal growth and performance

Areas of Improvement

SFPSC Can Help With:

- Stress
- Anxiety
- Confidence Issues
- Motivation Issues
- Sadness
- Low Mood
- Lost Focus
- Sleep Issues
- Panic Attacks
- Negative Thinking
- Worry

SFPSC Can Help You:

- Feel more in control
- Become calmer
- Achieve greater happiness
- Improve sleep
- Gain clarity
- Relax
- Create and achieve objectives
- Be yourself
- Make positive changes
- Get on track and stay on track
- Think more rationally
- Solve problems effectively
- Enhance performance
- Cope through divorce or grief
- Move on and make progress in life
- Find your potential
- Overcome specific issues

If you’re ready to make a positive change in your life, please feel able to contact me to discuss what we can do.  My email address is:

Engagement Terms:

Introductory Package (via Zoom): Investment £1,000

  • 2 hour Initial Consultation session
  • 1.5 to 2 hour Introductory Session,
  • 1 x 1hr Regular session. 

Follow-on work (via Zoom):

  • £175 per session via Zoom

In person sessions available in London, terms to be discussed.