Care Instructions - Aluminium Prints

We recommend that you handle your Aluminium Print with great care, like you would any art work.  

Aluminium is a soft metal and can scratch or bend easily.

Avoid touching it with bare fingers, to avoid greasy marks.  We recommend you use the cotton gloves that we provide you with when handling it.  

Ideally, only handle the picture by the frame or the bracket (where appropriate) on the back of the picture.  

Both the frame and the picture are made from aluminium, and as this is a soft metal, be careful to avoid contact with other hard surfaces, especially when hanging and placing down on the floor, to avoid damage.  We place something soft and secure between the frame and a hard surface to avoid damage.

Clean this picture only with a dry, clean, cotton cloth or a clean cotton cloth dampened only with water.  Please don’t use any chemicals on it. 

Microfibre cloths might damage the picture.