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Immerse in surreal blues, a journey of cleansing and hope, symbolising renewal, and transformation amidst Covid's chaos.

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This piece is a visceral journey through the emotions of the Covid era. It speaks to the soul’s yearning for purification, capturing the essence of water as a symbol of cleansing—a necessity, a balm in those turbulent times.


The surreal blues dominate the canvas, mirroring the surreal reality we all navigated. For me, these hues also carry the weight of isolation and loneliness, feelings that were constant companions as we lived thousands of miles away from our family, in a bubble of seclusion.


This artwork is the embodiment of transition and transformation, existing in a dreamlike state, where reality blurs into abstraction. The blues are more than just colour; they are the embodiment of feelings—deep, pervasive, and profound.


Notice the steps—they are a narrative in themselves. Are they an invitation to submerge into the cleansing waters or a path to emerge renewed, ready to move forward? The green in the image, though sparse, is significant. It's the symbol of new beginnings, of hope, emerging tentatively yet undeniably on the scene.


Even the cracked concrete speaks volumes—perhaps of resilience, of endurance, or of the longing for change. This piece is an open invitation to explore, to find your own meanings and connections. It's a journey I cherish deeply, and I can't wait to see where it takes you.




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Samples can be ordered above or by contacting me direct.  Discounts are available on multiple sample orders.  

Samples come without hanging hardware on the back, so that you can lay them down on a flat table surface, stack them, store them, (use them as drinks or place mats!).

They provide very useful tools for planning, for quality and colour checking, creating schemes, to fully appreciate the quality, style and texture of this extraordinary aluminium print. 


Cool Pool, Photograph, 2022, Andalucia, Spain

© Katha Wood 2022

Printed Direct on Silver Coloured Brushed Aluminium

Framed Silver Coloured Aluminium Box Frame

Framed Photographic Print Direct on Brushed Aluminium Dibond

with Signed, Numbered & Dated Certificate of Authenticity

Part of The Bigger Picture Series 2021 © Katha Wood 2020


Available Size Range:

Portrait: 4:3 up to 120 x 160 cm

Limited Edition Available in 100 x 133 cm (25 available)

Each picture that I produce, no matter what size you choose (excluding samples) comes with a numbered, signed and embossed Certificate of Authentication.

If you require a bespoke sized Picture, Frame or you have a particular budget, please contact me direct.

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