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A symbolic journey of resilience and reunion captured in two Cormorants on brushed gold coloured metal. Embrace the essence of Hanging On II Gold for an alternative touch of hope and endurance.

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HANGING ON II GOLD unfolds a narrative beyond the apparent spectacle of two Cormorants clinging to the branches of a weathered tree—a tale steeped in history and layered with symbolic significance. Cormorants, regarded as omens of prosperity by fishermen, carry an ancient legacy of being harbingers of good fortune and plentiful catches. Moreover, these birds have long served as symbols of familial bonds, unity, and nurturing, infusing my Bigger Picture series with profound symbolic importance across six captivating images.

The inception of the Hanging On mini-series in 2022 reflects a collective sentiment of enduring the tumultuous global events that had upended our lives. As we navigated a landscape of uncertainties, the series became a poignant expression of resilience. In Hanging On II, the presence of two birds signifies the palpable relief we experienced when communities were allowed to reunite. More than just avian subjects, they embody the collective yearning for connection—more company, more community, and enhanced collaboration.

This edition takes a cheeky twist with Hanging On II Gold, presented on a canvas of gold-coloured brushed metal. As a nod to the times, it playfully intertwines the symbolism of perseverance with the contemporary chatter about investing in precious metals. For those inclined toward a silver lining, Hanging On II Silver is also available printed on silver-coloured brushed metal, it offers an alternative embodiment of hope and endurance

Hanging On II Gold is available both with the birds pointing to the right and pointing to the left.  The pair of pictures hanging together making a stunning and eye-catching combination, to fill a large wall space in true style.  Sizes of each framed print are available to suit your needs, up to 120 x 120 cm.  Samples can be ordered, size: 10 x 10 cm.  Hanging On II Gold comes framed in a black aluminium box frame with a signed, embossed and numbered Certificate of Authentication. 





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Shipping is available worldwide.  Prices will be quoted on application or on completion of purchase.  




Samples can be ordered above or by contacting me direct.  Discounts are available on multiple sample orders.  

Samples come without hanging hardware on the back, so that you can lay them down on a flat table surface, stack them, store them, (use them as drinks or place mats!).

They provide very useful tools for planning, for quality and colour checking, creating schemes, to fully appreciate the quality, style and texture of this extraordinary aluminium print. 




HANGING ON II GOLD Right Facing © Katha Wood 2022

Part of The Bigger Picture Series 2021 © Katha Wood 2023

Photograph, 2022, Andalucia, Spain

Printed Direct on Gold Coloured Brushed Aluminium Dibond

Framed Black Metal Artbox Frame

With Signed, Numbered, Dated & Embossed Certificate of Authenticity

Available Size Range:

Square 1:1 up to 120cm x 120cm

Limited Edition Sizes (25) available in 100 x 100 cm and  120cm x 120cm, framed Black Metal Box Frame


If you require a bespoke sized Picture, Frame or you have a particular budget, please contact me direct.

Click here for link to technical info Framed Brushed Aluminium 



Please contact me direct HERE 




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