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I often take photos from the beach, looking towards the sea. This time, I decided to turn my back on the sea and capture the view towards the land! My eye was drawn to the bank of sand in front of me, the height of the bank, the textures and shades in the sand, the sky, and the brush strokes of clouds. Looking up to the sky from that position by the shore felt good. Everything enormous above me, except for the tiny glimpses of normal land related foliage to the right of the image, somehow put the rest of the world into perspective.  The doings of the world seemed so small by comparison with the power of the oceans. 

I am delighted with how this picture has printed on brushed metal – this medium has done it proud. All the white areas of the image are left unprinted, leaving those areas bare to the metal, enabling it to shine in the light.   The textures are enhanced right from the water’s edge, through the bank of sand up to the sky and clouds above. The light shining through.

Did you know?

Looking to the horizon and being by the sea is known (according to multiple research studies) to alter our brainwave state, moving us into a more meditative, trance-like state of being.  We don’t always want to live in this state, but when we are in this mode, we feel much calmer, and we are able to process emotional thought and memory much more effectively.  It’s a great place to go to resolve our worries and come up with ideas and solutions, to enhance our experience of life. 

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Samples can be ordered above or by contacting me direct.  Discounts are available on multiple sample orders.  

Samples come without hanging hardware on the back, so that you can lay them down on a flat table surface, stack them, store them, (use them as drinks or place mats!).

They provide very useful tools for planning, for quality and colour checking, creating schemes, to fully appreciate the quality, style and texture of this extraordinary aluminium print. 





ON THE BEACH © Katha Wood 2020

Framed Photographic Print Direct on Brushed Aluminium Dibond

With Numbered, Signed, Embossed & Dated Certificate of Authenticity


Photograph, 2020, Andalucía, Spain

Framed Black Aluminium Artbox Frame

ON THE BEACH is part of The Bigger Picture Collection © Katha Wood 2023


Available Size Range:

Square 1:1 up to 120cm x 120cm /47" x 47"

Portrait: 4:3 up to 120 x 160 cm/47" x 63"

If you have particular size or budget requirements, please contact me HERE to discuss.  

Frames are also available in a variety of depths.  


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