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Beyond the Surface: Unveiling the whimsy within 'Reflection.' A vibrant illusion that challenges perceptions, urging you to explore the hidden tales within its mirrored facade

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REFLECTION serves as a whimsical embodiment of my artistic playfulness within this collection.

A puzzling entity, it beckons the viewer to ponder: Who is this enigmatic figure, and what secrets does it hold? It's a delightful illusion that challenges our perception of reality. Is everything merely a mirage, a fleeting image that vanishes upon closer inspection? Before I unveil its true nature, I invite you to contemplate your own interpretations.

To me, there's a striking resemblance to 'Snowy' ('Milou'), the fictional companion in The Adventures of Tintin. The hues, the expressive eyes, the distinctive ears—all echo a personality, an attitude that seems to radiate from within. Yet, the revelation is as surprising as the piece itself—it is, in fact, a reflection captured in the tranquil waters surrounding a vibrantly painted houseboat nestled in a marina in La Linea, Andalucia, Spain.

How does one discern the essence of a place through such an abstract portrayal? The challenge lies in peering beyond the obvious, in thinking outside the confines of conventional perception. Not everything unveils its true identity at first glance. Take a moment to immerse yourself in contemplation, and perhaps you'll discover that even reflections hold hidden narratives waiting to be unraveled.







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REFLECTION © Katha Wood Photographic Art 2021

Photograph, 2020,  Andalucía, Spain

Printed Direct onto Brushed Aluminium Dibond

Framed Silver Coloured Metal Artbox Frame

Each Art Piece comes with a Numbered, Signed, Dated & Embossed Certificate of Authenticity (shipped separately with white gloves and handling instructions)


REFLECTION is available Landscape 3:2 up to 180 x 120cm


REFLECTION is part of The Bigger Picture Collection © Katha Wood 2023

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Frames are also available in a variety of depths.  





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Really Cool!

Katha, really cool. Absolutely love it. Thank you so much!