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A surreal snapshot from Covid's haze, this photographic piece on aluminium captures light, history, and emotion in a rare spectacle.

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In 2022, as the Covid era cast its surreal shadow, I wandered an industrial estate in Andalucía, Spain. The world felt eerily off-kilter, disconnected, even under the usually bright Spanish sun. Human contact had become a rarity.

One cloudy evening, amid silent streets and closed shops, a thought struck me: "Has the whole world retreated online?" The physical world seemed deserted, the World Wide Web our sole connector. Amid this darkness and isolation, a scene caught my eye, starkly different from my usual works filled with natural light and beauty. This urban capture, perhaps the darkest of my collection, echoed our collective fatigue and yearning for hope.

This piece transcends mere art; it's an experience. At first glance, it appears as a painting, but it's photographic art on brushed aluminium. The technique removes the white and bright parts of the image, allowing the metal to interact with light. This grants the artwork remarkable light-reflective qualities, especially around the three artificial lights. They shine against the darkness, symbolising the artificial solace we sought.

These lights, positioned over the World Wide Web motif, prompt reflection: Have we been reduced to digital existence? Is there more to this scenario? In a collection marked by hope, this urban piece stands out for its darkness. Yet, the lights might be beacons of genuine hope or mere illusions – an interpretation left to the viewer.

This artwork is more than a visual piece; it's a tangible memory of a time when the world paused, surreal and static. It’s not just an addition to your collection; it’s a story from a peculiar chapter in our history, inviting you to ponder the undimmed lights in our darkest times.






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WWW.EVERYTHING © Katha Wood 2022

Framed Photographic Print Direct on Brushed Aluminium Dibond

with Signed & Dated Certificate of Authenticity

Photograph, 2022, Andalucía, Spain

Printed Direct on Brushed Metal

Framed: Black Metal Box Frame

The Bigger Picture Collection © Katha Wood 2023

Available Sizes:

Square 1:1 up to 100 x 100 cm



If you have particular size requirements or budget requirements, please contact me to discuss these and I will help you to find a solution. 

Frames are also available in a variety of depths.  


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